Welcome to Globaladvocaten. We are an international network of leading law firms. We provide high quality legal advice across the globe.

Globaladvocaten is a collaboration between independent law firms. Nowadays our network includes over 800 lawyers working in over 20 countries. That’s a whole lot of knowledge within reach.

Established in 1990. Our objective is basically to help clients find the best and most cost-effective lawyers across the world. Because the world becomes more and more international and the law doesn’t stop at the border. Wherever clients are based, Globaladvocaten is able to provide a seamless service across many jurisdictions. We are happy that we can offer expertise in a wide range of commercial legal services and industry sectors.

To give you a little impression of our ‘globalness’, member firms are based in major cities worldwide including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bonn, Brussels, Budapest, Charlotte, Edinburgh, Geneva, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, São Paulo, Warsaw and Zurich. So we are always close by.

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We are proud to offer an integrated network of leading firms who provide high quality legal services across the globe.

Listed on the members page are information details of all the members within Globaladvocaten. If you click on the name of a firm, you can see more information about their whereabouts. Also you can find the website hyperlink to visit each individual firm’s website.

Practice Areas

The Globaladvocaten network covers over 40 practice areas as well as over 20 industry sectors.

For further information please follow the link below or alternatively you can search for a legal specialist on our members page.