Euroadvocaten (the predecessor of Globaladvocaten) was formed in 1990, when the internet was only just getting started and the Wall fell only two years ago. Every year after that, it became more clear that the world was globalizing rapidly, especially between the European countries. The network grew to become a group of independent law firms across Europe. The network included over 800 lawyers working in over 20 European countries.

In 2017 the group expanded further as it recognised the globalisation of many of its clients even more. Europe was becoming too small. The group changed its name to Globaladvocaten, now covering over 20 countries and we are still growing rapidly. This enables clients to tap into knowledge worldwide.

All of the member firms are independent firms who know their own legal market inside out. These firms belong to a network that prides itself in understanding their clients’ needs and they can all offer expert legal advice.

Globaladvocaten meets twice a year. Every time in a different host-city. This enables the group to really know each other and also to trust each other when referring clients.