Message from the Chairman

In difficult times, it is of particular importance to be able to rely on ones allies.

As a consortium of leading law firms, Globaladvocaten has benefited exceedingly from its close knit network throughout this global pandemic.

Travel restrictions have made it indispensable to have connections abroad in order to keep your international clients satisfied. We are proud to say that thanks to our global companionship this was never our concern.

Legal counselling doesn’t stop at the border and despite all technical possibilities, that are available nowadays, it becomes crucial to have a confidant on site. Especially court trials and confidential meetings benefit from a face-to-face conversation.

Wherever clients are based, Globaladvocaten is able to provide a seamless service across many jurisdictions with trustworthy partners on hand. We are happy that we can offer expertise in a wide range of commercial legal services and industry sectors.

This enables clients to tap into knowledge worldwide. All of our independent member firms know their own legal market inside out and can therefore give the best legal advice possible.

Globaladvocaten prides itself in understanding their clients‘ needs and leading them on to one of our reliable partners across the globe, wherever representation is needed.

Chairman David Conaway

David H. Conaway

Chairman of Globaladvocaten