Covid doesn’t seem to affect the number of start-ups in The Netherlands.

Currently, there are 2,2 million companies in Holland. The pandemic doesn’t seem to have any influence on the number of start-ups in The Netherlands. Over 250.000 new companies have started in 2021. This is very high in comparison to the number of start-ups in The Netherlands before anyone had ever heard of Covid-19. Conclusion: there are still many people who have faith in the economy.

Popular sectors
Especially in the healthcare sector you can find many new companies. For instance, start-ups who focus completely on the support and accompaniment of the disabled, critical youth care/services and childcare. Because the Dutch government privatised many healthcare sectors, many opportunities exist in this field. You can see this especially at the rising number of private childcare facilities. Next to healthcare also construction, logistics and hotel/restaurant sectors see many new start-ups.

Questions for start-ups in The Netherlands
New activities are of vital importance for a competitive knowledge-based economy. The key question in starting a business is always: how do you convert a good idea into a success in next to no time? Just as important is the question: do you have a good lawyer who looks at your plans. Which forms of cooperation will you join as a starting company? Do you choose a general (commercial) partnership, or rather a private limited company? On which legal basis will you work together? Do you have a well-wrought contract drawn up between initiators, partners and investors? How will you hedge against financial risks? What is the investors’ say and how will they be rewarded in case of success? How have the financial risks been spread? And did you actually register your ideas as intellectual property?

A lawyer as a business mentor
Exactly to avoid any disappointment it is wise to ask a lawyer in the role of business mentor. They think in possibilities instead of impossibilities. They are, for instance, very experienced in corporate development (meaning setting up shop with a sound business structure). They also have an understanding of the various business models which may appeal to a start-up. That means that they can substantially step up the entrepreneurial process and make a more solid protection against the many future uncertainties that undoubtedly lie ahead.

Start-ups in The Netherlands
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